1, 2, 3… Sign!

Starting the Baby Signs® Program is as easy as learning 1, 2, 3! Just start with three basic signs that you can teach your child. Remember to say the word and do the sign at the same time. Doing so reinforces the sign as well as the concept that you are teaching your child.









A Visit To The Zoo

My husband and I brought our daughter to the zoo a few weeks ago. It was her first time to see the big animals. We also took this opportunity to tell her how to be kind and respectful to them.

While going around the petting station, Alexa showed us these signs.






Alexa Signs and Reads

My husband and I were so happy when we were able to take this video of Alexa signing, talking and even reading when she was 1 year and 8 months old. Since then, she’s been able to combine spoken words with signs to let us know what she thinks and feels.


The Science of Gestures

Are you a big fan of gestures? I am. People I meet always tell me that I am animated when I speak. Example, I use my hands to emphasize a point, to remember something and I find gestures helpful when I conduct training programs since I am able to explain topics more clearly. It’s something that is second nature to me.

My husband on the other hand loves to talk and research. Being in the scientific field, he’s trained to know the facts and these have to be backed-up with studies and research that will support the idea presented to him.

Here’s something he shared with me this morning. It’s a very nice read about gestures and its role in aiding memory, learning, problem-solving and communication. Enjoy!


Does Signing With Your Baby Delay Speech?

When my husband and I started doing the Baby Signs® Program with our daughter, one of the frequently asked questions is this: Wouldn’t signing with your baby delay speech? This is a valid question considering that we usually use sign language when communicating with the Deaf community. However, we knew from the start that signing with our baby can ease the frustration we might feel in the future since we would somehow know what she’s thinking. Besides, we Filipinos teach children two signs — “Bye-bye” and “Flying Kiss” — so teaching more signs is just a way of expanding their signing vocabulary.

Here’s a post entitled From Signs to Speech — Inevitable! written by one of the founders of the Baby Signs® Program, Dr. Linda Acredolo. Find out how speech is inevitable even when you’re signing with your children.


The Journey Starts Today

When I became a Mom, I promised myself that I’d do anything to give my best to my future children. So when I found out that I was pregnant, I started researching on the best products and services in preparation for motherhood.

During my research, I came across the benefits of signing or sign language for babies and I remembered seeing a movie in 2004 called Meet The Fockers. In the movie, the grandson of Robert De Niro, Little Jack, was communicating with him to express his needs. Remembering this got me excited. In my mind, my husband, Greg, and I could do the same thing to ease our frustration if we see our child crying and we couldn’t do anything because he still couldn’t speak. I shared this information with Greg and I was glad that he supported my idea.

And so the quest for more information began for Mommy Minchin. After reading several sites on this, I finally discovered something that would help me and my husband communicate with our kid. It’s the Baby Signs® Program. The Baby Signs® Program was founded by two Developmental Psychologists namely Dr. Linda Acredolo and Dr. Susan Goodwyn. It’s the only research-based program and they’ve been conducting research since the 1980’s.

After going through the information on the site, I was convinced that it was the best program that would help me and Greg to talk with our kid. So when our daughter, Alexa, was born in 2010, we started doing the program when she was 3 months old because we wanted to be familiar with the common signs. We also involved all the caregivers in the family — our Yaya, our household helper and even the grandparents. It took some time before she signed back to us but experiencing the joy that we could finally communicate with her was all the worth the wait! She has been signing since she was around 5-6 months old. She’s now 2 and a half years old and is starting to speak her mind. She now uses signs when we don’t completely get her message, when her mouth is full or when we’re in church.

With the benefits that the program can offer, I have been inspired to find a way to share the program itself. Now, you don’t need to go far to find products and classes that would help you communicate with your child before they could talk. I am delighted to announce that Baby Signs® Philippines is here!  We will be offering products and services that will help you get started with your journey towards discovering the joy of communicating with your babies even before they could talk! Here are some things to look forward to in the next few weeks:

  • Promotional Activities
  • Parent Workshops
  • Sign, Say & Play® Classes
  • Products that will help you in your journey

I’ve also created a Facebook page and a Twitter account that you can also visit for information regarding upcoming classes, promos and more information about the Baby Signs® Program. So spread the word! Hope to see and hear from you soon!