Baby Signs® Party (Hosted by Mothercare Philippines) – June 29, 2013

Baby Signs Philippines was invited to be part of the Baby & Me Event for June by Mothercare Philippines. It’s a monthly event for mothers that provide learning sessions, tips, products and support for mom participants. 

There were 100 registrants online. Out of the 100, 42 registrants attended together with their husbands, kids, yayas and even grandparents which brought the total number of attendees to 80 participants. The place was packed!

I would like to thank the following for making this event a success:

1.  Mariel Bartolome, Brand Manager of Mothercare Philippines for being such a gracious host and partner. I look forward to more sessions with you!

2. Avent Philippines and Cycles Philippines and Cradles for sponsoring the host, food and prizes

3. All the moms who have registered and attended the event plus those who have walked-in and chose to spend that Saturday afternoon with us — you continue to inspired me to give my best all throughout the session!

Here are some photos from the Baby Signs® Program Orientation:




For the full album, please check our Facebook Page.


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