Here’s what a parent says about the Baby Signs® Program:

“The Baby Signs® Program has done us wonders! We first started to teach Summer the sign for “milk” and “mama” when she was 7 months old and after only 2 weeks, she learned both signs. Since she started signing, it has been easier for us to meet her needs. We never had to guess if she was sleepy, hungry or wants a diaper change so she almost never cries. Now she is 17 months old and knows more than 30 signs. Signing has not only been a way for her to communicate but also a form of play and bonding. Signing has made Summer a happier baby and me and papa and yayas, happier too! 

Thanks so much to my friend and baby sign language teacher Sharon Agoncillo-Galang and her smart and amazing daughter Alexa. Thank you for introducing baby signs to us. So happy I took your advice and committed to signing. This video is for you! 

For all mommies who want to teach their babies how to sign, contact Sharon!”

Grace Carmona-Salvador (Manila, Philippines)


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