The MORE Sign, Say & Play® Kit


The MORE Sign, Say & Play® Kit is filled with fun! BeeBo™ is the star of the show in these great Baby Signs® products:

• BeeBo’s™ Playhouse is a soft plush replica of BeeBo’s™ Playhouse featured in the Baby Signs® DVDs. Perfect as a tote for favorite toys or for pretend play.

• Baby BeeBo™Plush Toy is an adorable 9” plush “baby” version of BeeBo™ the Baby Signs® Bear. A great companion while watching the Baby Signs® DVDs or for cuddling at nap time or bedtime.

Sign Along with BeeBo™ DVD features BeeBo™ the Baby Signs® Bear, the DiaperDoodles™ babies, and a wide variety of real-life signers and teaches babies the signs for COW, CAR, MONKEY, ELEPHANT, BALLOON and ICE CREAM.

BeeBo’s Big Birthday Surprise is an interactive lift-the-flap book that teaches signs for BALLOON, HAT, CAKE, CANDLE, ICE CREAM, and SONG. An exciting surprise awaits readers at the end of the story.

If You’re Happy and You Know It Music CD and Songbook is a collection of 12 delightful songs with familiar tunes from the MORE Sign, Say & Play® classes. Great for signing fun at home or in the car.


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