Meet Your Instructor


Sharon O. Agoncillo-Galang is the Managing Director of Baby Signs Philippines. She is also an Independent Certified Instructor of the Baby Signs® Program.


She had been a pre-school teacher for one of the leading exclusive boys school in the Philippines. Her creativity, passion and love for children have been hallmarks of her work.

After having spent a considerable time in the academe, she shifted gears and moved on to corporate training. She has more than 13 years of solid leadership and management training experience and has served top companies in the Philippines as a Training Consultant. Her most recent assignment as a change agent in the corporate world is as a Director for Professional Training and Languages in one of the biggest shipping and manning agency in the Philippines.

Today, Sharon spends her time in different fields of endeavour: events management, hosting, singing, training, and mompreneurship. She’s also the Chief Mommy Trainer of a training services firm called Happy House focusing on programs that help families to be better.


Sharon and her husband, Greg, started signing with their daughter at 3 months old. They wanted to be familiar and well-versed with the signs before they taught anybody else. During the process, they also involved other caregivers such as the grandparents and the nannies. Although there was hesitation initially from the grandparents, they followed Sharon and Greg’s recommendation and soon discovered the joy of communicating with their grandchild with ease.

Alexa started signing back at the age of 5 months. Her first sign was “Daddy”. They were thrilled to see that their efforts paid off. At present, Alexa has talked a lot, has learned more than 80 signs and is able to string 3-4 words in a single sentence. Currently, Alexa is helping Sharon teach the babies how to sign. She’s the role-model of Baby Signs Philippines and is passionate as her Mom in teaching parents and their children.


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